5 reasons to Rent a Self Storage Unit in Miami with Urban Self Storage

Urban Self Storage Doral makes it easy for you

Reason to rent a Self Storage Unit in Miami

Storage spaces are known to be of great help when an emergency occurs, when you’re moving or just to keep seasonal tools in a safe place. People rent these spaces to temporarily store their goods for different reasons. At Urban Self Storage Doral, Florida Miami we offer you excellent quality storage units, capable of satisfying your needs.


The storage units at Urban Self Storage Doral, Florida specialize in temperature controlled, climate controlled indoor storage units. Perfect for protecting your belongings from long-term damage, humidity and the high temperatures of Doral Florida. Reclaim your space in your home or business when you rent with us. We have 5×5 mini storage units to larger 20×10 storage units.


Not sure which storage size you’ll need? There are many different storage units for you to choose from. Our helpful customer service team at Urban Self Storage Doral, Florida Miami is available by phone 7 days a week. The team will guide you through the rental process and help you select a storage unit for your belongings. You can even move into your storage unit over the phone. Rent your storage unit here in Doral with peace of mind, as our clean storage facility has video surveillance and electronic door access. All this without being locked into long-term contracts.


5 reasons to Rent a Self Storage Unit in Miami with Urban Self Storage 


  • 24/7 support. We have a highly qualified and experienced technical staff, capable of addressing any problem, need or concern that may arise, to find the optimal solution in the shortest possible time. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day here in Doral, Florida.


  • Air-conditioned units. The climate factor may or may not matter to you depending on how long you need to store your items and the materials they are made from. If you’re using a unit as temporary storage for a month, temperature control shouldn’t matter too much. On the other hand, if you’re storing wooden furniture for an extended period of time, you’ll probably want both temperature and humidity control to prevent the wood from warping. The Urban Self Storage spaces at Doral Miami have controlled temperature and humidity to avoid any inconvenience related to any of these factors.


  • Convenient access hours at Urban Self Storage. Accessing our warehouses in an organized manner and with easy access for our clients allows us to have a more manageable control to plan the arrival of merchandise in the Doral spaces.



  • Free truck to move to our facilities. If you have ever moved without hiring a professional service here in Doral, Florida, you will surely agree that one of the critical moments is to put the boxes, appliances and furniture in the vehicle. Can you imagine not having to use an acquaintance’s car or van but instead having moving trucks at your disposal? That is one of the guaranteed services in our removals here in Miami.


Moving tends to create physical and emotional stress for those moving to a new place. You must pack all your things, load them into moving trucks, transport and then unload. At Urban Self Storage Doral we take care of facilitating the process for you. We offer guaranteed satisfaction for all our clients with specialized moving and storage services for a safe and easy solution to your storage requirements in our warehouses in Doral.


There can be many reasons why you might need self storage units here in Miami. We are not here to talk about the reasons, but to talk about the added value of renting one. More than that, we are here to talk about the added value of renting one of our storage units. The reasons could be many, such as renovating your home or office, moving to a new house, you don’t have fixed places because you travel a lot, or you need space to file your business papers. All of these reasons are valid for renting a storage unit at Urban Self Storage Doral. Whatever the reason, if you need to store your belongings safely, rent a storage unit here in Doral, Florida.


Make the decision to hire a professional moving service at Urban Self Storage Doral, Florida. It will ensure that all your objects will be transported with care and preserving their integrity. We will be attentive to your needs and will help you throughout the process during the transport phase and stay in our warehouses.


Choose our reliable services, call us to know more details and we will gladly respond to each of them.


We wish you the best of luck on your move!