The Best in Doral’s Business Storage

The Best in Doral’s Business Storage

Self-storage is a logistics solution for individuals and businesses, from the housewife who wants to collect toys or clothes that children have stopped using to the company that needs an extra space to store their products.The best in Biusiness Storage doral

The companies dedicated to offer temporary storage spaces offer logistics service of material deliveries, removal service, free insurance, packing material and the possibility of changing storage rooms


beyond this, at Urban Self Storage in Doral we know that every day there are more concerns about safety, and citizenship when storing things in self-storage units, that’s why we focus on innovating and providing the most updated and innovative options in security, access and control of storage units.


Whether you need to clear your office, expand or start your own business, Urban Self Storage have the space that you office need.

We have storage solutions for almost any object or document that you want to store, from small boxes of documents to large equipment and materials for your business.

the best in business storage DoralEnjoy units of different sizes that we guarantee will keep safe all those items that no longer have space in your office or that simply want to keep them safe in spaces with controlled climate.

If you need make more space in your home, Urban Self Storage Doral have the solution, we rent spaces of different sizes, from small units to units where you can store the contents of a house. Provide units for all needs that have a sea, a move, a trip, a remodeling, or simply save the things we most appreciate. Count on us for the storage of your things in air-conditioned units, 100% safe and 100% clean and new, all our facilities are new, and we strive to provide the best conditions to make your stay more comfortable.


Tips for Selecting Your Storage Unit

  • Depending on what you want to store in your storage unit, choose between a standard (non-air-conditioned) or climate-controlled storage unit. Many retail items must be stored in climate-controlled storage units to avoid damage and protect your investments.
  • When you choose one of the storage units that we have for you at Urban Self Storage, think about how often you will visit your unit, the storage units located next to parking lots and elevators are a good option, especially for those who operate e-commerce stores and will have to access inventory daily.
  • If you are storing construction equipment and materials, you will need easy access for you vehicle, storage units located next to parking lots is your best option.
  • If you want to store business documents or documents and files that may be damaged due to changes in humidity and temperature, protect these items in a climate-controlled unit.

 Access to Your Stuff When You Want

Accessibility is important, especially when you are storing your most valuable belongings. In our facilities you will have the security of being able to access your storage unit whenever you need it, and only you will have that access.

At Urban Self Storage we rent units for all the needs and sizes you are looking for, and we know that many other companies offer storage units but consider all that can be saved in time and fuel, if you rent a unit in our facilities located in downtown Doral with quick and easy access, seriously, think about it.

We have a privileged location near the main commercial and non-commercial areas of all Doral, Fl. That’s why accessing your unit quickly, efficiently and safely is 100% guaranteed.