Climate Control Storage In Doral

Climate Control Storage In Doral

Climate controlled storage is generally preferred over other types of self-storage, as it is a very good choice for items that can be easily damaged or for things that are kept in storage for a long period of time. But,

What does climate controlled really mean?

The definition of climate controlled storage varies among storage companies and locations, both basically refers to facilities with temperature and humidity control.

Climate Control storage in DoralBoth, humidity and temperature team up to control moisture levels in a storage space. If the humidity in the air increases, so will the capacity of the air to maintain the heat. If on the contrary, the humidity decreases the temperature will also decrease.

Our climate controlled facilities have customizable thermostats, high quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as, heavy-duty insulation to manage temperature and humidity.

The dehumidifiers are the best to control humidity over time, however, air conditioner   are able to change humidity levels fast by dropping the temperature inside the AC unit below the dew point.

Do I really need a Climate Control Facility to store my belongings?

Climate-controlled storage is designed to protect your belongings or business inventory as efficiently as possible, reducing the effects of extreme temperature and humidity changes. But, the true is that most of your things can be stored in temperature controlled facilities.

Nevertheless climate controlled facilities are the best option if you need to storage:


  • Delicate paper items

Climate control storage for book in DoralBooks, newspapers, comics, photographs, magazines, in short, any type of paper will turn yellowish in extreme temperatures and it fades when exposed to prolonged sunlight.

extreme temperatures severely affect paintings and fine arts causing them to shrink or expand. On the other hand, humidity invites mold to grow, ruining the works of art. The ideal storage temperature for art is between 60 – 75 °F

  • Delicate fabrics

In a humid environment, upholstered furniture, toys and antique clothing are ideal for the proliferation of mold or mildew. The ideal storage temperature for these items is between 35 – 75 °F with 55% relative humidity or less.

Climate Control Storage for Vinyl in DoralHigh temps can warp the vinyl records, while very low temperatures can break them in half. The ideal is to store them in temperatures between 65-70°f, vertically and in their original sleeves.

Climate Control Storage in DoralIn order to storage safely CD´s, DVD’s and video should be stored in cool, dry environments with a room temperature of 65 to 70 °f. Also it is essential to avoid exposure to direct light, which cause clouding on disc surfaces.

  • Electronics

Computers, speakers and most electronic devices are prone to corrode in humid environments so it is ideal to store them in temperatures between 50 and 80 °f, and additionally put some silica gel pockets.

  • Metals

Like most materials, moisture negatively affects metals. The iron gets rust, silver turns black, the lead becomes a white powder and the copper turns a green color. The best temperature for storing metals is between 35 and 75 ° f

TClimate control Storge in Doralhe wood contracts in low or cold temperatures and expands in hot or high temperatures so wood furniture and musical instruments deteriorate when stored in places with fluctuating temperatures. The best temperature to storage wood items is between 55-85°f, besides they should be cleaned and polished with oil before storage to prevent splitting.

  • Wine

Climate Control storage for Wine in DoralWhen the wine is stored in an overly humid environment it ages very quickly so it gets a cloudy and brown appearance. If on the contrary, the environment is too dry thewine corks will dry out and crumble so the seal will be compromised. To store wine properly there must be low light and a temperature around 55 ° F.


If you need to store something like any of these above, and besides you will be storing things indefinitely, at Urban Storage Doral we invite you to try our climate-controlled self-storage units and you will notice the difference when you have our new facilities.