Which Storage Unit to Choose?

Which Storage Unit to Choose?

If this is the first time you rent a storage unit, here at Urban Self Storage we know that you may have many doubts about the whole process. From choosing the right unit for your items, to how to store your things with the greatest Efficiency possible. For this reason we create a list of tips that will help you make this experience as pleasant as possible.

There are many types and sizes of warehouses, whether you are looking to store the things in your home, business or your business, doubts always arise as to which is the correct storage unit.

In this article we will talk a little about each one of them so that you know which one best suits your needs.

Residential Storage

Are you tired of your house looking messy because of the amount of things you have? Many times we have so many items in our homes that we do not really use and what they do is take up space. If you do not want to get rid of them, either because of their sentimental value or because you are saving them for use in a future season, with a storage unit already You will not have to worry about that. Not only will you have a lot of free space at home but also your things will be in a safe and accessible place at all times.

Business Storage

If you have too much inventory or many unfiled documents due to lack of space, be it a large company, or an online store that is starting, Urban Self Storage has for you the best in storage units where you can store all your products and documents without worry about something being damaged.

Remember, messy businesses are seen as less professional. Whether you have a retail store, an accounting firm or a beauty salon, you must keep documents, files and excess inventory out of sight of customers. Having additional space in your company facilitates access to products or equipment and allows more efficient sales and shipping.

Climate Controlled Storage

We know that your things are important to you so storing them in the best way for us is paramount. That’s why we have storage units with climate control, so that your items are not affected by the heat in those summer months, nor by the cold or the humidity in those winter months.

At Urban Self Storage we focus on providing you with better service so that your experience in the rental and use of storage units is quick and easy.

We have a wide variety of sizes in storage units that you will not find anywhere else, from large and small spaces, to units the size of a closet and units that can contain the contents of a family home with 6 bedrooms.