Tips for Making the Most of Your Storage Unit

Tips for Making the Most of Your Storage Unit

When you rent a storage unit, the first image that comes to your mind is to pack all your things and lower the door. However, there are several ways to store all your belongings, whether of your home or your business, that will allow you to make the most of your storage space and will help you avoid bad times in the future when you need to find something among all the things you have stored.

Packing a storage unit may seem daunting to those who are doing it for the first time, but here at Urban Self Storage we’ll show you the best way to do it.

Your family, your friends, and especially YOUR BACK, will thank you.

  1. Think of the word “up”

When you start storing your things, think of the word “up” and stack your items upwards instead of putting everything down on the floor to take advantage of the vertical space in your storage unit, if you plan to store large furniture such as beds, chests of drawers and sofas, this will be very useful because it helps maximize the space, where you can place an object horizontally, vertically you managed to place 3.

Remember to also place the large, heavy objects on the floor and place the lighter boxes on top of them to avoid crushing your things.

2. Store along walls

This will be a good benefit when you find that your storage unit is filling up. You can design and create rows and corridors between your things so you can still have access to everything so you don’t have to go through your entire storage unit to find a hidden box in the back corner.

3. Use all our tools

Perhaps you might think that the bigger the box is the easier it will be to store everything, however, large boxes become heavy when you fill them and many times we don’t get to occupy all the space inside them by the shape of our objects, in addition to this many times they end up breaking or opening due not only to the weight of them but also to the use of the wrong packing tape.

Your best option is to buy smaller boxes, these are easier to lift and move either by yourself or with a dolly, and are easier to stack. In addition to this for those heavy boxes or those that you won’t review for a long time use durable paper packing tape, which are much more difficult to stretch and break than traditional ones.

4. Guard not only your unit but also your back

Don’t forget to ask for all the things we offer to protect your storage unit, not only do we have boxes and packing tapes, we also have bubble wrap to wrap your fragile objects or those that you want to prevent an accidental hit, as well as we offer many models of padlocks and locks according to your tastes and preferences.

Also don’t forget to reserve a mobile platform for the day when you’ll bring your things. A mobile platform will always reduce your working time and save you the pain in your back from carrying all those boxes.

5. Place Shelves

The shelves allow you to stack the boxes securely and take advantage of the height of your unit, if you have many heavy boxes and stack them one on top of the other, the lowest ones will crush and crease underweight. You can use either wooden or metal shelves to help organize your storage unit and make the most of vertical space.

6. Think of the future

Finally, be sure to place the items you use most frequently near the front of your storage drive as this will allow you to access them when you need them most quickly and efficiently.

Your storage unit is full

Urban Self Storage is the best option to keep your belongings safe, we work with the best equipment and there is nothing more secure than our storage units as well as our plans. Whether they are from your home or business, we adapt to your needs and those of your things providing the best service and security that there is in the storage market. Come and visit us or meet us on our social networks.

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