Ready to pack for the summer?

Ready to pack for the summer?

One of the favorite destinations for tourists on summer holidays is the city of Doral, beaches, good food, nightlife to go out and enjoy. However for those who live or have a house in Doral for the holidays, that paradise and hotel to rest becomes our backyard.

When we plan to spend the holidays away from home, we look for online information about activities, places to visit, a whole tourist guide.

But what about luggage? We almost always packed the night before the trip and always ended up leaving thousands of things we didn’t think we’d use during the vacation until we needed them. That’s why today we’ll give you some simple tips that will free you from stress and help you save time and space when packing for your vacation.

Where do I go in summer? How long will I be there?

personal hygiene items

To have a plan is something fundamental, and we are not talking about the itinerary to follow during your summer vacations, but to make a list with the things that you think you are going to need while you are on your vacations, to know which are those important things to pack or store you will have to answer only those 2 questions.

What am I going to pack?

Once established the previous point, we will begin to select the clothes, accessories and other items that we will need for the activities that we have in mind. Remember only to pack clothes for your destination, that is versatile but goes according to the place, packing a ski coat for a vacation in doral is not the best option, just think of one aspect for each day of your vacation.
Contrary to beliefs, putting everything you are going to take on the bed before packing it in your suitcase will help you visualize the things you may need and complete the things you have already chosen.

How to pack?

Before you start packing, you should separate the essential items from the non-essential items. So don’t keep those essentials in a hard to reach place inside your suitcase in case you need to use it suddenly. Then, from those non-essential objects select only those that make you happy and leave the others at home, if these holidays the idea is to rest and enjoy, the work can wait.

To make the most of the space to store our things inside the suitcase, we’ll start with the pants, which should go down, folded in half, and each on the opposite side, which prevents the straps are one on top of the other and occupy more space. Then we place the dresses and skirts, folded as little as possible so that they do not wrinkle too much.

suitcase with clothes to pack

To pack the shirts, we recommend folding them in small rectangles always folding the sides inwards which will save a lot of space and help to avoid wrinkles.

Pack your shoes in bags so that you do not stain the clothes inside the suitcase, sometimes we do not realize the usefulness but the bags can help us organize or pack our things by categories, for example to pack underwear, electronics, shoes, personal hygiene products and even then re-pack the laundry.

There are occasions in which we travel to Doral, Miami or its surroundings very frequently, either because we have a house there, we like to make a weekend getaway, or we have meetings and businesses to attend that take more than two days. For these cases we recommend renting a storage unit in our facilities where you can safely store all the things you need for these trips or vacations so you do not have to carry them all the time.

Renting a storage unit is also an excellent option for all people living in Miami Dade County, as you can store all the things you need only in your vacation periods and thus provide your home with free space that you can use for the things you use daily.