3 Essential Tips To Decorate Your New Home

3 Essential Tips To Decorate Your New Home

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is why when decorating our new home there are so many styles and tastes as people, however although the decoration depends on the taste of each one (different strokes for different folks) we can follow this decorating ideas to get the most out of our new home and turn it into a magazine house like the ones in Florida Desings Magasine


Plan before anything

Having a plan is elementary when we want to decorate our new home in Doral Fl. Planning helps us to have a clear vision of the final result we want to achieve. It’s not that complicated, it’s not a magic formula either, but many professionals interior design often start looking for inspiration in magazines, blogs and Pinterest.

When planning we define a style and we can see, what things we already have at home help us to achieve what we want, we identify our needs and we begin to make a list of the things we want to do in space. Good planning is the secret of success.


Go for the light3 essential Tips To Decorate Your New Home

A dark room seems smaller. In addition, the lack of light makes even the details in bright colors muffled and sad. Although you do not have a window from floor to ceiling, there are tips to make an environment look brighter.

  • Paint the ceiling in white.

In addition to the ceiling, paint at least two walls, this helps to reflect natural light and multiply it

  • Dress the window in light tones

When dressing the window with a white curtain, the luminosity is sought to be nuanced without blocking the passage

  • Get carpets in light colors

If the floor is dark, this is a good option to illuminate, and if the carpet also has textures such as wool or long hair, you will get a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Decorative unit


If you 3 essential Tips To Decorate Your New Home Doralare looking for harmony, choose a style, some coverings and a base palette and decorate the whole house according to them introducing some nuances.

A simple resource that has very attractive results consists on taking as reference a color of the environment and adding a couple of details in the same tone. Avoid including furniture because when you want to change the chosen color, you can vary without altering the rest of the decoration.

  • In the living room you can choose a cushion for the sofa and then look for a plaid color tone, it does not have to be identical but it must be within the same range. You can also add a matching flower that goes in a vase in the center of the table
  • In the bedroom, you can repeat the same game with a cushion and a blanket folded at the foot of the bed


Measures and proportions

3 essential Tips To Decorate Your New Home Doral Fl

Always keep in mind that visual space is not the same as real space so it is important to measure. You should also keep in mind where the telephone entry, the plugs and the TV antenna are, think if these elements condition the distribution that you had planned

Look closely at the walls of your new home, maybe you have not noticed if it has any setbacks, no matter how small, or slightly protruding a pillar is. Any irregularity of the wall will prevent you from attaching a library to it, since the space that will be left behind is very unsightly. The solution? Rethink the distribution again or buy custom-made furniture.


If after planning the decoration of your new home in Doral you have furniture, mirrors, curtains or anything from your old house that you still want to keep but does not match the decoration of your new home, you can rent a self-storage unit with us. At Urban Self Storage Doral, we have the flexibility you need while you’re moving or remodeling your home