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Protect your furniture when you move.

Moving Storage Units

You Move or Renew your Home, We have the Solution.

At Urban Self Storage Doral, we have the flexibility you need while you’re moving or remodeling your home.

We know that while waiting to move or finish remodeling the room of your house, you need to have a safe and clean space to store all your things, that’s why in our facilities you have all the necessary units to store your things while you finish your move or remodeling. Moving Storage Units are available for you today, check out our advantages and rent your unit today.

At Urban Self Storage we are with you throughout the process and you have our support. We also have moving truck rental!

Free stress, We have the space You Need.

Either you are moving to your new home, or you are selling your house. or you are remodeling that room that you have been waiting for to improve. You must protect your things in a space of total security, and easy access, freeing yourself from stress and pressure. That’s why at Urban Self Storage we are very aware of your needs and we offer you the solutions you really need.

  • Free moving truck.
  • Safe and Secure Units.
  • Flexible Storing Options.
  • Specialized Staff.
  • Easy and Free Reservation.
  • Moving Supplies & Packing Materials.

Moving Truck Rentals

Simplify your moving day with a moving truck rental from Urban Self Storage. Our Doral, Fl, moving trucks are well-maintained and simple to drive. We make it easy for you to move into your new storage unit or your new home.

Give yourself moving day peace of mind. Our friendly and professional staff can help you select a truck and answer any questions you have.

Stress-Free, Move in Today.

Moving Storage Units
Starting at $15.30 per month