Climate Controlled Storage

Protection of the weather and the elements.

Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

Protection against weather and deterioration in our Climate Controlled Storage.

Place your most delicate objects in our facilities in Doral Fl.

If you need to store items that could be damaged by heat, cold or humidity, rent one of our air-conditioned units near Doral, Fl. An air-conditioned storage unit offers you the best quality indoor storage because it will help you keep your things within the right temperature or humidity range. This kind of storage unit is widely used when you need to store delicate items such as photos, movies, cameras, lenses and electronic devices, collectible baseball cards, basketball or stamps, and differs from a traditional storage unit because the traditional one does not have these options.

Many of the storage companies at Doral only care about storing your stuff but not about keeping it in excellent condition. At Urban Self Storage Doral you can choose and reserve the unit of your choice for free, in person or online by clicking here: View Units

Climate control your Best Friend.

Climate-controlled storage is designed to protect your belongings or business inventory as efficiently as possible, reducing the effects of extreme temperature and humidity changes. Air-conditioned storage is generally preferred over other types of self-storage, as it is a very good choice for items that can be easily damaged or for things that are kept in storage for a long period of time.

Temperature and weather can have a damage effect on your stored possessions, especially environmentally sensitive items such as:

  • Medicines.
  • Wood furniture.
  • Valuable vintage clothing.
  • Wine and other alcohol.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Documents and Photos.
  • 3D Art and sculptures made out of delicate materials.

You'll really enjoy our climate-controlled units.

If you are storing items for a month or less, your items are likely to be fine without climate control. But if you plan to store them longer than that, choose a climate-controlled storage unit and avoid putting your possessions at risk because of temperature and humidity.

If any of these sound like your situation, go with climate controlled storage:

  • You will be storing things indefinitely.
  • You’re storing things year-round.
  • Your belongings are valuable or have high sentimental value.

We invite you to try our climate-controlled self-storage units near Doral and you will notice the difference when you have our new facilities.

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Climate Controlled Storage Units for Rent 
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