Weekly Home Cleaning and Organization

Weekly Home Cleaning and Organization

We already know our home daily duty when comes to cleaning and organization, however, for our good fortune there are a few things that require a little less frequent.

According to an article published by Lauren Smith, a home editor for GoodHousekeeping.com, there is a list of things we should clean every single week. Is about those weekly cleaning task we are going to talk about.



cleaning and organization my home weekly

This is not exactly the paradise but it is a task to have to be done in some point in the week, since some items, as Carolyn Forte from the Good Housekeeping Institute says, should really only be used three times between washes. She also recommends asking your family to pitch in: “Keep divided sorters for lights and darks and have separate baskets or bins”, That way, at least one step in your routine is already done before you even start.


First of all the tub and shower.

Thcleaning ans organization my home weeklye warm, humid environment of the bathtub and shower are the ideal home for the proliferation of fungus and slag if not cleaned regularly, so we should clean, scrub and rub all areas of the bathroom habitualy.

Lauren ensures that, if we want to make our weekly task easier, run a squeegee over the surfaces after we wash up. After all, nothing stops mildew stains in its tracks like a dry surface.

Also in the bathroom, the toilet is by far the dirtiest thing in our home

Is furthermore frequently visited by guest reason  avoid embarrassment by cleaning your toilet weekly. Forte says the fastest way to deep clean the bowl is to grab some bleach, pour it in a cup, then brush it around the sides and under the rim. What’s next? “Let it sit for five minutes as you move on to the next task,” Forte advises. It’s as easy as that.

Finally, the bathroom surfaces

We are talking about counters, mirrors, the works. Why? Because, as Luren explain “thanks to your toilet, this room is especially nasty. In fact, if you leave the lid up when you flush, germy water particles can spray up to six feet across the room (yuck!)”. So start with a lid-down rule, then disinfect surfaces weekly to keep your wash room sanitary.

Kitchen Appliances

Even though your stove, microwave, fridge, and other kitchen items might not look especially dirty, Lauren advcleaning and organization my home weeklyises that they’re probably covered in things that fly under our radar: “Kitchen appliances need to be cleaned of fingerprints and food bits.” Avoid annoying build-up by wiping ’em down with a disinfectant wipe or clean sponge each week