Climate Controlled Storage Units

Keeping our objects is a safe place is very important because each and every one of our objects are precious to us. The problem is when storing them for long periods of time can cause damage to themselves due to the conditions of the place where they will be stored. Many people store their things … Read moreClimate Controlled Storage Units

Which Storage Unit to Choose?

cardboard boxes for storage in self-storage units

If this is the first time you rent a storage unit, here at Urban Self Storage we know that you may have many doubts about the whole process. From choosing the right unit for your items, to how to store your things with the greatest Efficiency possible. For this reason we create a list of … Read moreWhich Storage Unit to Choose?

Ready to pack for the summer?

person packing clothes in a gray suitcase for their summer vacation

One of the favorite destinations for tourists on summer holidays is the city of Doral, beaches, good food, nightlife to go out and enjoy. However for those who live or have a house in Doral for the holidays, that paradise and hotel to rest becomes our backyard. When we plan to spend the holidays away … Read moreReady to pack for the summer?